Truly Meaningful Holiday Season

Would you like to give a gift that is truly meaningful this holiday season? Consider giving to the Red Cross. People can do something that truly means something and provides help for the Red Cross. The Red Cross needs help in five different ways: 1. We recently opened a holiday giving catalog where you can…… Continue reading Truly Meaningful Holiday Season

A Huge Thank You To Our Sponsors

There have been many sponsors for the Columbus Red Cross who have had a tremendous impact on our organization. Ready When The Time Comes, and Save The Day are two programs which sponsors have helped support. Ready When The Time Comes mobilizes volunteers from partner companies and community organizations when a local, large scale disaster…… Continue reading A Huge Thank You To Our Sponsors

Technology Gurus? Become Digital Advocates Today.

Are you a technology guru? Most of you are probably thinking “no”. Images that come to your mind may involve Best Buy Geek Squad Members and people that know how to hook up printers. If one of these categories of people describes you, congratulations! Keep up the good work! You are doing something that will…… Continue reading Technology Gurus? Become Digital Advocates Today.

The Big Give

Save your calendars for September 17! The American Red Cross is thrilled to let you know we will be participating in the Big Give. The Big Give is a 24 hour online giving event, hosted by the Columbus Foundation. Nonprofit organizations all over Columbus will participate. This event begins September 17 at 11:00 am and…… Continue reading The Big Give

Hometown Heroes Honored

By: Brittany Reasoner, Communications Intern Each year the Madison County chapter of the American Red Cross honors ordinary people who show extraordinary courage, character, humanity, or personal initiative. They were recognized at the 8th annual Hometown Heroes event held on June 20th in Plain City. The event also doubled as a fundraiser which helped raise…… Continue reading Hometown Heroes Honored

Where Were You? Volunteer Meditates on Goodness in Wake of Tragedy

September 11, 2001 was a trying morning for American Red Cross volunteer Virginia Tyler. It was her first day back at work after a serious car accident. “I had been released from the hospital about twelve hours before 9-11 happened. I had been in a very serious auto accident, had a fractured pelvis, fractured ribs,…… Continue reading Where Were You? Volunteer Meditates on Goodness in Wake of Tragedy

A Legacy of Generosity

Chartered by congress as the official organization to handle disaster relief operations, the American Red Cross steps into the national eye as a force for good and service in the face of atrocity.  Never was our role more important or more evident than in the days, weeks, and months following the September 11thterrorist attacks.  Following…… Continue reading A Legacy of Generosity