Be Prepared: Household Chemical Emergencies

Chemicals are found all around us, and are a natural part of our environment. They keep our food fresh, help our plants grow and fuel our cars. They also help us to live longer and healthier lives. Under certain conditions, however, too much of a certain chemical can be extremely harmful. Most Chemical Accidents occur…… Continue reading Be Prepared: Household Chemical Emergencies

Have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

How to prepare emergency kits for those with food allergies, vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free By Stephanie Heckman, Communications Volunteer As a 20-something, I know many people with food allergies, celiac disease or who have variations of a gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diet. I am also a vegan of six years. What happens when those…… Continue reading Have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

The Red Cross seeks new AmeriCorps members!

By Stephanie Heckman, Red Cross Public Relations Intern Want to give back to your community or help others in need? The Red Cross of Greater Columbus is currently seeking applications for AmeriCorps Members to serve in communities across Central and Southeast Ohio. If you have ever dreamed about working for the Red Cross or helping…… Continue reading The Red Cross seeks new AmeriCorps members!

Fresh Face Friday! Meet Student Intern Mirko Mandic

We are pleased to welcome Mirko Mandic to our communications team. He is an OSU junior studying strategic communication and marketing. I expected my first day at The American Red Cross to be filled with paperwork and meeting the staff. This was not the case. I was welcomed by a briefing on an apartment fire…… Continue reading Fresh Face Friday! Meet Student Intern Mirko Mandic

STOP! It's National Preparedness Month!

~ thanks to awesomesauce herself, volunteer Courtney, for this post! Oh, September. The kids are back in school, summer begrudgingly starts to turn to autumn, and pumpkin lattes slowly creep back onto coffee shop menus. It is a perfect time to sit down with your family and create your personal emergency preparedness plan! So, maybe emergency…… Continue reading STOP! It's National Preparedness Month!

White Castle and Red Cross Celebrate National Preparedness Month 2012

September is 2012 National Preparedness Month. And, to celebrate, White Castle is donating $12 to the Red Cross in honor of each and every new person who likes our Facebook page and/or follows @ColsRedCross on Twitter (up to a $5K maximum).   So, don’t wait! If you aren’t already part of our conversation, make the connection today. Or, encourage your…… Continue reading White Castle and Red Cross Celebrate National Preparedness Month 2012

What's Your Emergency Communication Plan?

Advice from the Community Disaster Education trenches, by Courtney Zielinski The questions I’m asked most frequently at preparedness presentations have to do with keeping in contact with family and loved ones during a disaster or emergency. Knowing that loved ones are safe is a major concern when disasters happen and not all disasters and emergencies…… Continue reading What's Your Emergency Communication Plan?