Massive Cyclone Hits India

A massive cyclone hit India Saturday evening, India time (11:30 am EST). Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated their homes to move inland to shelters. They moved in hopes of riding out the storm, By mid-afternoon India time, wind gusts were so strong they could blow over grown men. Sea waters pushed inland swamping villages…… Continue reading Massive Cyclone Hits India

The Red Cross seeks new AmeriCorps members!

By Stephanie Heckman, Red Cross Public Relations Intern Want to give back to your community or help others in need? The Red Cross of Greater Columbus is currently seeking applications for AmeriCorps Members to serve in communities across Central and Southeast Ohio. If you have ever dreamed about working for the Red Cross or helping…… Continue reading The Red Cross seeks new AmeriCorps members!

Register or Search the Safe and Well Listings

Disasters often make it difficult to stay in touch with loved ones. The American Red Cross Safe and Well website is a central location for people in disaster areas in the United States to register their current status, and for their loved ones to access that information. It helps provide displaced families with relief and…… Continue reading Register or Search the Safe and Well Listings

Forget the sweater. Give a gift that matters.

When a home fire occurs, children and families are often exposed to the elements. Give warm, cozy blankets that will protect them from the cold and help them sleep comfortably in Red Cross shelters when they can’t return to their home.  $60 buys 10 blankets. $18 will provide three blankets. Give a gift that matters at

A Woman and Her Dog

Home fires can happen anywhere, at anytime and leave even the most prepared person feeling victimized. Many fire victims experience shock and worry among a number of other emotions in a fire’s aftermath, and it’s important for them to know that someone cares about them and their well-being. Last October, a Columbus woman found out just how valuable…… Continue reading A Woman and Her Dog