Massive Cyclone Hits India

A massive cyclone hit India Saturday evening, India time (11:30 am EST). Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated their homes to move inland to shelters. They moved in hopes of riding out the storm, By mid-afternoon India time, wind gusts were so strong they could blow over grown men. Sea waters pushed inland swamping villages…… Continue reading Massive Cyclone Hits India

Red Cross 101: The CAT is out of the Bag

By Zac Wolz, Red Cross Communications Intern CAT’s goal is to educate the community on who the Red Cross is and what we do, so everyone knows about our services, not just in their time of need. Our Community Awareness Team is stepping out into the Central Ohio region. We attend fairs, festivals and parades…… Continue reading Red Cross 101: The CAT is out of the Bag

Lifeguard of the Day c.a. 1971

With pool season steadily approaching, it’s time to get out your flower printed speedos and get lifeguard certified by the Red Cross. Below is the letter you would have recieved in 1971 after becoming WCOL- Red Cross Lifeguard of the Day: The Franklin County Red Cross congratulates you on being Lifeguard of the day. As…… Continue reading Lifeguard of the Day c.a. 1971