Our CEO Covers His Cough, Does Yours?

A brown paper bag full of cleaning supplies was sitting on my desk today encouraging the office to clean, stay healthy and to prevent H1N1. If you’re like me, then you’re not thinking too much about H1N1, but we should be. Everyone is susceptible, especially those working closely with others. Let’s be honest, how many…… Continue reading Our CEO Covers His Cough, Does Yours?

Calling the Red Cross…One Mother's Story

Jeri Moore an intern in our Communications Department recently spoke with Patricia, a local resident whose son is serving in the Army. Several times in the last year and a half her family has placed a call to the Red Cross during a family emergency. Here is her story:   In 2008 Patricia’s  husband Ron became very…… Continue reading Calling the Red Cross…One Mother's Story

Red Cross Provides H1N1 Resources

Your American Red Cross is helping the community prepare for and understand pandemic flu. Here’s how we can help you:   1. Individuals and organizations can call upon us to provide an informative 30-40 minute presentation on the latest information about H1N1. If you can pull together at least 8 individuals, we’ll come to you.…… Continue reading Red Cross Provides H1N1 Resources