Are you prepared?

September is National Preparedness Month and as preparedness junkies, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of some great, FREE resources available for you to use at home, at work and even with groups and clubs you may belong to. At Home: Quick, downloadable flyers to share with your family and friends on…… Continue reading Are you prepared?

Three Tips for Every College Student This Year

After I graduated college and started working for the Red Cross I realized how dumb some of my college antics had been. I don’t mean pulling an all-nighter or staying in the dining hall just to see how long it took until we got kicked out. I mean in terms of disaster preparedness. We had…… Continue reading Three Tips for Every College Student This Year

Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

As many of you know three Hilliard residents lost their lives in a tragic home fire over the holiday weekend. Red Cross volunteers met with the remaining family members, making sure they had a safe place to stay, the essentials to begin their recovery and a shoulder to lean on. Over the next week Red…… Continue reading Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Hurricane Earl Readiness

The American Red Cross is helping people already affected by Hurricane Earl in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and is now busy preparing for Hurricane Earl’s turn towards the eastern coast of the U.S. Take a look at the video below from Court i, a Red Cross disaster services worker to learn more about…… Continue reading Hurricane Earl Readiness