Peace Corps bound…lookout world!

Service is the word I think of when I think of my experience as an AmeriCorps member with the American Red Cross. This experience has enabled me to serve my community, serve like-minded individuals who are dedicated to volunteering their time to help others in need, serve vulnerable populations and serve my co-workers. AmeriCorps empowered…… Continue reading Peace Corps bound…lookout world!

Red Cross Practicing What it Preaches on Preparedness

Many people know the Red Cross for its disaster relief work or blood donations, but helping people be prepared for emergencies is another important part of our work. The Red Cross is practicing what it preaches on preparedness, as we are working to be better ready to respond to disasters of all sizes—down the street…… Continue reading Red Cross Practicing What it Preaches on Preparedness

Cricket’s Yips n’ Tips

It’s nearly the peak of hurricane season. But we’re lucky we live way up here in Ohio because we are never affected by hurricanes this far north. If you lived in Ohio two years ago, you probably remember Hurricane Ike. It was just a windstorm by the time it reached us – but what a…… Continue reading Cricket’s Yips n’ Tips

Bringing Help, Bringing Hope: A Look at Hurricane Katrina Recovery

  “Five years ago, the American public responded to Katrina with unprecedented generosity,” said Russ Paulsen, executive director of the Hurricane Recovery Program at the Red Cross. “Looking back, I think they can be proud of what their contributions accomplished.” “The hurricanes of 2005 tested us all,” said Paulsen. “Although we’re on better footing than…… Continue reading Bringing Help, Bringing Hope: A Look at Hurricane Katrina Recovery

Even celebrities know CPR

According to Allison Beekman, guest blogger and our in-house expert on everything Red Cross online, comedian Hal Sparks recently performed CPR to save a life! This cool news prompted me to search some of the ways celebrities are involved in our work. I bet you didn’t know Peyton Manning is a big Red Cross supporter? What about…… Continue reading Even celebrities know CPR