Volunteer To Help Military Families!

Service members are our real-life heroes. They are the selfless people who help defend and protect our country. Since its establishment in the 1880s, the American Red Cross has been committed to offering support to these military members through its Services to the Armed Forces department. Services to the Armed Forces aims to help military…… Continue reading Volunteer To Help Military Families!

Don’t Ignore The Chirp!

It was a regular day, in a regular neighborhood, in a regular house, the residence of a fairly typical elderly man, someone’s father, uncle, or grandfather, perhaps. And it might have been just a regular, polite exchange of pleasantries and nothing more, if not for that high-pitched chirping sound that had been disrupting the man…… Continue reading Don’t Ignore The Chirp!

Join The Fight Against Measles and Rubella!

Have you ever learned something that shocked you? Something that truly astonished you? I did, when I learned that measles and rubella are still infecting millions of people every year all over the world. I consider myself a well-informed and engaged citizen. I have my master’s degree, work for a prominent company, keep up with…… Continue reading Join The Fight Against Measles and Rubella!

Don’t Take A Vacation From Blood Donation!

It’s summer, and life has slowed down for many of us. School is out. We’re taking vacations and long weekends. The pace is easier. But the need for blood donations never changes. People still need transfusions because they’re receiving treatment for cancer, or they’ve been in an accident, or they have a blood ailment such…… Continue reading Don’t Take A Vacation From Blood Donation!

Red Cross Volunteer Offers ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’

Rick, an Ohio Red Cross volunteer, has been on the frontlines at some of the major national disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy and the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Through his work, he has helped countless others in Ohio and in various other states. Rick first started volunteering with the Red Cross in 2012. He had previous…… Continue reading Red Cross Volunteer Offers ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’

Everyone Needs a Place to Sleep

It was an overcast December night, gray and frigid with a steely air, when I got the call. It was my first call as a member of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) for the Ohio Buckeye Region of the American Red Cross. I’d done the interview, taken the online training classes, and signed up online for some volunteer shifts, but the first few shifts hadn’t materialized into anything, thankfully. There were no local disasters on…… Continue reading Everyone Needs a Place to Sleep