Don’t Ignore The Chirp!

It was a regular day, in a regular neighborhood, in a regular house, the residence of a fairly typical elderly man, someone’s father, uncle, or grandfather, perhaps. And it might have been just a regular, polite exchange of pleasantries and nothing more, if not for that high-pitched chirping sound that had been disrupting the man…… Continue reading Don’t Ignore The Chirp!

Sound the Alarm With Becky Perkins!

The Sound the Alarm National Signature Event of the American Red Cross is approaching soon! In order to make such a large event possible, it requires many helping hands. One of the people active in smoke alarm installations with the Red Cross is Becky Perkins, who is part of the planning committee for the event.…… Continue reading Sound the Alarm With Becky Perkins!

Saving Lives – One Smoke Alarm At A Time

It is National Volunteer Week and the American Red Cross is taking this time to recognize the thousands of volunteers who commit countless hours to serve their communities. As Sound the Alarm kicks off, beginning April 28th and lasting until May 13th, thousands of volunteers nationwide will gear up to protect their local communities from…… Continue reading Saving Lives – One Smoke Alarm At A Time

Finding The Perfect Fit

For Cathy Fisher-Farlin, there is nothing more rewarding than giving back to those who serve their country in the military. She has found the perfect fit as a volunteer with Services to the Armed Forces of the American Red Cross.    Among the services the Red Cross provides are comfort and non-medical support in military…… Continue reading Finding The Perfect Fit