Be Aware and Prepare!

Do you know what to do when a tornado siren sounds? When you’re driving and come across flowing water? If you’re caught outside in a thunderstorm? Get the information you now, before you need it! For detailed information from the American Red Cross on how to stay safe during severe weather, go to–Use-Red-Cross-Safety-Tips. Below…… Continue reading Be Aware and Prepare!

Pack Your Pillowcase!

When you start talking to Thama Logan about the Red Cross Pillowcase Project, it’s obvious she’s having fun. Through The Pillowcase Project, children learn to prepare for emergencies, then practice and share what they have learned. The Red Cross developed the project after residents of New Orleans stuffed necessities into pillowcases as they fled the…… Continue reading Pack Your Pillowcase!

Red Cross FAQs Part 2

In this post, we hope to answer more common questions about the American Red Cross. Is the American Red Cross part of the U.S. government? No. The American Red Cross functions independently of the government but works closely with government agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), during times of major crises. The…… Continue reading Red Cross FAQs Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions about the Red Cross

People have many quesitons about the Red Cross. In this post, and the next, we hope to cover some of them. Common Questions often asked: How can the Red Cross help me? The Red Cross is committed to saving lives and easing suffering. This diverse organization helps you by providing relief to victims of disaster,…… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions about the Red Cross