Two Easy Steps To Preventing Home Fires

The fire started on a frigid January day with a spark in the chimney, leaving a gap to the outside and the home temporarily unlivable. Paul King and Mariah Bazile, disaster service workers with the American Red Cross, were there to make a tough situation easier. They listened. They offered blankets and clean-up kits, financial…… Continue reading Two Easy Steps To Preventing Home Fires

Stay Safe In The Face Of Florence!

If you are affected by flooding or other disasters, call the American Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767 for help. While Florence is making up her mind about what kind of weather to bring to Ohio, there are strategies we can all keep in mind to keep ourselves safe when floods or other severe weather threatens. Track… Continue reading Stay Safe In The Face Of Florence!

Prepare Your Home For Emergencies!

Ziggy (left) and Gizmo (right) We’ve all heard the saying, “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!” at some point, usually in the context of work or school. Have you thought about it at home? I prepare grocery lists, meals, and any number of other tasks to keep my home life functioning smoothly, but…… Continue reading Prepare Your Home For Emergencies!

Don’t Ignore The Chirp!

It was a regular day, in a regular neighborhood, in a regular house, the residence of a fairly typical elderly man, someone’s father, uncle, or grandfather, perhaps. And it might have been just a regular, polite exchange of pleasantries and nothing more, if not for that high-pitched chirping sound that had been disrupting the man…… Continue reading Don’t Ignore The Chirp!

Red Cross Volunteer Offers ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’

Rick, an Ohio Red Cross volunteer, has been on the frontlines at some of the major national disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy and the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Through his work, he has helped countless others in Ohio and in various other states. Rick first started volunteering with the Red Cross in 2012. He had previous…… Continue reading Red Cross Volunteer Offers ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’