Save A Life With Hands-Only CPR!

We sometimes hear about CPR being mentioned in the media. For example, the famous TV show, “The Office,” had its characters go through a CPR training class in one of the episodes that was full of jokes and memorable quotes. Despite the lighthearted manner with which CPR may be portrayed in popular media, it holds…… Continue reading Save A Life With Hands-Only CPR!

Red Cross Volunteer Steven Sicilian

In the face of storms and disasters, the American Red Cross logo provides a feeling of security and hope. It all becomes possible with the help of ordinary people who volunteer their time in order to achieve extraordinary things. Red Cross volunteers across the globe are working to make a difference, and local volunteer Steven…… Continue reading Red Cross Volunteer Steven Sicilian

Compassion in Action

Ninety percent of those working for the American Red Cross are volunteers. It’s an astounding figure! The Red Cross would not exist without them. We thank them for the tens of thousands of hours of skilled service they provide. Following are just a few of the ways these dedicated, generous men, women and youth use…… Continue reading Compassion in Action