Thanks for Helping!

This year, amidst the several natural disasters that struck so many all over the world, thousands of people found a way to come together.  We’ve seen local telethons, celebrity concerts, and national brands and businesses joining the cause and raising funds to aid the survivors of these devastating storms. Here in the Ohio Buckeye Region,…… Continue reading Thanks for Helping!

Responding to disasters large and small

When Hurricanes Harvey, Irene, and Maria hit, and wildfires blazed, the call went out for local American Red Cross staff to deploy to those disaster sites. Almost 180 Red Cross disaster relief workers responded to the call for help. Most of them are regular volunteers in the Disaster Services department. They are trained to respond…… Continue reading Responding to disasters large and small

Fundraiser Helps Meet Basic Needs

Last year Karen Washbush, a Red Cross staff member who works in financial development, saw firsthand the people she helps through her fundraising efforts. She deployed with the Red Cross to West Virginia to help raise money to assist people affected by the floods. “I saw people near these small houses and all their worldly…… Continue reading Fundraiser Helps Meet Basic Needs