Java for GIs: Red Cross Services to the Armed Forces Program

The American Red Cross invites the public to participate in Java for GIs, a region-wide project to support military personnel and veterans. The Ohio Buckeye Region of the Red Cross is accepting donations of cans and bags of ground coffee throughout the year.

“Java for GIs is a great way for us to enhance our support for service members and veterans through our Services to the Armed Forces (SAF) program,” said Craig Nagy, regional Red Cross SAF director. “While I was in the U.S. Air Force, having that cup of coffee was essential to me and my fellow airmen to start our day and bond with one another. I’m so happy that the coffee we collect will be distributed for use in such places as a VA hospital and clinic waiting areas, the drill floors of local military units, and organizations that offer support to local veterans.”

SAF provides 24/7 emergency communications services to  get critical family news to military members quickly, and also expedites access to financial assistance from the military aid societies. SAF Family Resiliency Programs help families cope with deployments, reconnect after a service member returns home, and handle the stress that can occur post-deployment. In addition, SAF volunteers provide non-medical services in veterans’ hospitals and clinics, and SAF also offers services to homeless veterans during “stand-down” events.

Java for GIs is another way Services to the Armed Forces is offering support to military personnel and veterans. Contact your local chapter to find out how to donate coffee. For more information on SAF, go to Services to the Armed Forces.



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