Be Prepared to Save a Life: First Aid, CPR and AED Training

by Charlotte Berman, Red Cross communications intern

Mother and daughter Christine and Becca Berman became CPR/AED certified last May through a Red Cross training class. As a volunteer at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Becca wanted to become CPR certified, and Christine wanted to refresh her CPR and first aid skills. They decided to take an Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED class together in Columbus at the Central Ohio Red Cross. (CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and AED stands for automatic external defibrillator.)

Going into the class, Christine had some previous CPR background. Her first exposure to CPR training was when she became certified as a Girl Scout Troop leader. Christine says: “Luckily I never needed to use my CPR skills in that position, but I wanted to get my CPR/AED and first-aid training again now that I help to care for my elderly father.”

For Becca, it was her first time getting CPR certified. As a hospital volunteer, she visits all the floors with an art supplies cart and gives out crafts to the kids. Becca says “I don’t actually work with the medical side of things at the hospital, but it is still important to know CPR and first aid skills. I never know when I could find myself in a situation where someone needs help. Everyone knows first aid skills to some extent, however after taking the class and getting certified, I now have the confidence to stand up and take action during an emergency.” Instead of being an untrained by-stander, Becca is able to save a life and assist in first-aid emergencies inside and outside the hospital.

When asked about her Red Cross class experience Christine says: “The training materials were very informative, and our instructor walked us through scenarios and actions to take for specific health and safety emergencies. Practicing CPR on the mannequins was especially useful.”

When reflecting back on the class Becca says: “I enjoyed taking the class and it was fun to have my mom in there with me. During the hands-on part of the class we got to be partners and trade off practicing CPR/AED and first aid techniques. Sometimes it’s not even about a life or death situation. I think some of the most valuable information I learned was about all types of emergencies like heat-stroke.”

Emergencies happen without warning and in situations least expected. It’s so valuable and important to be prepared. Grab a friend or family member and sign up for a CPR/AED or First Aid training class today!

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