Giving of Herself as a Red Cross Volunteer

By Shilpi Priyadarshini

When asked about how volunteer work with the Red Cross has influenced her life, Christine Guzzo, who transports blood collected by the Red Cross to hospitals, says, “ It opened my eyes to the enormity of what (the) Red Cross does for the people. Picking up and delivering blood to hospitals made me realize the importance of donating blood.” Previously she donated blood once every six months or every year, but now she donates every three months to give back to the community.

Christine’s whole career has been about “giving and helping human kind”. She says, “Red Cross people are good people. They give back to the community.” She adds “Volunteering for the Red Cross makes me feel good, and by doing hospital runs I can help save the transportation costs, which can in turn be used for disaster recovery or other causes that can help save a life.”

Christine ls is a retired teacher of physical education for special needs children. She is the only girl out of six siblings and is extremely fond of sports. She coached high school volleyball and basketball teams and then the Special Olympics. Christine says, “I love the value of what sports can offer to all people, and how being part of a team teaches us all kinds of lessons”. She spent 32 years of her life working for the welfare of these special children and now she dedicates a few hours every week volunteering to help Red Cross transport blood from collection centers to hospitals.

“Being on hospital runs doesn’t give me much opportunity to interact with people directly” adds Christine, who plans to broaden her scope as a volunteer to disaster recovery. She says she believes she can engage with people and contribute more to the community by volunteering more.

The Red Cross is always in need of time and talent, from administrative workers to emergency service volunteers. To find the right volunteer opportunity for you, visit

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