Sound the Alarm To Save a Life

By Mary Guiher, Communications & Marketing Volunteer

Did you know every day seven people die in home fires across the nation?  The American Red Cross is working to help prevent such tragedies with the Sound the AlarmSave a Life campaign.

Campaign 2019pie chart

From April 27-May 18, 2019, the American Red Cross will be canvasing at-risk neighborhoods across the nation to ‘Sound the Alarm’ about fire safety and prevention.

“The purpose of the Sound the Alarm campaign is to make households safer with home fire safety education and the installation of fire alarms,” said Ohio Buckeye Region Disaster Preparedness Manager Emily Hesselbein.

The goal of the Red Cross is to install over 100,000 fire alarms in 100 cities during the campaign window. Here in the Ohio Buckeye Region, the organization will partner with fire departments, local groups, and volunteers to canvas at-risk neighborhoods in the region. There are 25 installation events scheduled in the Ohio Buckeye Region, and  the Red Cross hopes to install 3,000 alarms.

This will be the second year for Sound the Alarm. Regional Volunteer Services Officer Jordan Tetting said that last year close to 500 volunteers participated in the campaign.

“Volunteers can choose which event they want to attend when they sign up,” she said. Various jobs include working alongside fire officials from local departments to help install smoke alarms and change batteries in existing alarms, educate families about fire safety and prevention, or participate in fundraising.

First Year Success

Last year volunteers and partners visited 200 communities across Ohio and helped install 25,000 smoke alarms, replace over 1,700 batteries in existing alarms, and develop more than 10,000 escape plans for families.

How to Get Involved

Sign up to help with the 2019 campaign by visiting to register for a date and time or visit this link. You could be a lifesaver!

For questions for further information contact:

Jordan Tetting, Regional Volunteer Services Officer

Phone: (614) 251-1782



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