Spend a Few Hours or a Few Dollars to Save a Life!

In a few hours on a Saturday morning, you could save a life. Between April 27 and May 18, the American Red Cross expects to install more than 3800 smoke alarms in 25 Ohio cities during the Sound the Alarm campaign. The nationwide goal is 100,000 smoke alarms. Each of these alarms is a potential lifesaver.

Statistics prove that smoke alarms do save lives. Since 2014, the American Red Cross has documented more than 500 lives – some of them Ohio residents – saved by a smoke alarm we’ve installed.

What do you need to participate? Well, you do have to get up early! The large installation events start at 9 a.m. at specified gathering points. Before you go out armed with ladders, smoke alarms, and fire safety information, we’ll train you for one of the roles volunteers perform during an installation.

If you’re handy with tools, you might want to install the alarms, which are good for 10 years without a battery change. Volunteers will install up to three smoke alarms per home if they are needed. They’ll also test existing alarms and change batteries if that is necessary.

If you’re a talker, you might prefer to provide residents with fire safety education. This includes making sure they know how to use heat sources safely and how to develop and practice an emergency escape plan, among other fire safety practices.

Sign up at Sound the Alarm to contribute time, money, or both to this campaign. Get up a little earlier on a Saturday morning. Forgo a few lattes. It doesn’t seem like much to ask. After all, the smoke alarm you help to install just might save a life.

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