Sharon Groves: “Red Cross helped me impact lives…”

By Shilpi Priyadarshini, Red Cross Volunteer Sharon Groves is a former intensive care nurse who says that volunteering for the Red Cross has filled a void in her life. All you have to do is see her car’s license plate that reads “REDCRS” to know she is committed to the organization. “Back in 2007, my…… Continue reading Sharon Groves: “Red Cross helped me impact lives…”

Red Cross Disaster Response 2018

From major hurricanes to massive wildfires, during 2018 the United States was hammered with large-scale disasters. Despite all of the crises, people didn’t lose hope. With the help of the  American Red Cross, individuals and communities have shown resilience in the face of adversity. Wildfires destroyed more than 8.5 million acres nationwide. In California, residents…… Continue reading Red Cross Disaster Response 2018