Give Something that Means Something®

What do you give to the person who has everything? We all face that dilemma every holiday season! The auntie who collects elephant statues really doesn’t’ want to dust another one. The friend who’s a wine connoisseur knows his brands so well, you’re afraid of getting the wrong thing. And your mother will say she loves whatever you give her, but…what should you give her this year?

This year, Give Something that Means Something®! A gift to the American Red Cross in the name of a loved one is never the wrong size or color, and it provides so much!

  • Your gift could help a service member learn he just became a father. The Services to the Armed Forces department helps military families keep in touch with emergency communications throughout the service member’s deployment. Because you gave a holiday gift in a loved one’s name, a service member may make it home in time to say good-bye to her grandmother.
  • Your gift could ensure that people receive the fire safety information that may save their homes, or even their lives. Red Cross volunteers install free smoke alarms during neighborhood installation events, and people can also call the Red Cross to schedule an installation. While the alarm is being installed, volunteers share fire safety information with the family. Almost 300 lives have been saved nationally through the efforts of the Red Cross and our partners.
  • Your gift could help people affected by disasters large and small. Red Cross disaster relief volunteers are trained to offer care and comfort to survivors. The blankets, bottles of water, meals, hygiene items – all the necessities provided to people after a disaster – are available thanks to the generosity of donors. During a two-month period locally, more than 700 individuals received help after disasters, most of them home fires.And so many people will get just what they need.
  • It’s a lot easier to Give Something that Means Something® than to shop for a gift on Black Friday or Cyber Monday! Just got to You’ll see how easy it is to make a gift. You’ll see all the ways your gift can do good.

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