Save A Life With Hands-Only CPR!

We sometimes hear about CPR being mentioned in the media. For example, the famous TV show, “The Office,” had its characters go through a CPR training class in one of the episodes that was full of jokes and memorable quotes.

Despite the lighthearted manner with which CPR may be portrayed in popular media, it holds an important role in everyday life. Hands-only CPR can be used to save countless lives. Denny Mardas was one of these people who was saved by this technique.

Denny was at his local recreation center playing pickleball and went to sit down during the game. Then, as he stood up, he fell face-first to the floor.

Although he can’t remember what happened after that, he was told the full account later by multiple people. Colleen Ross, who was also playing in the game, had come over and administered hands-only CPR immediately. The staff members at the recreation center saw what was going on and brought the defibrillators while Colleen continued to perform CPR.

Denny was later taken to Riverside Hospital, where he spent four days in the intensive care unit. Fortunately, he seemed to be fine after regaining consciousness and didn’t seem to experience any negative effects from having been unconscious.

“I credit that because of the CPR that was administered on me so fast,” Denny says, commenting on his quick recovery.

The cause of his problem was later found to be three blocked arteries. He had several doctors privately tell him that out of those who go through what he did, only 10 percent make it. Therefore, Denny is very grateful to Colleen.

“I’m very grateful about that, obviously,” Denny says. “I was at the right place at the right time for the right reasons.”

After his experience, Denny is now on the mission to get more people interested in CPR. His church had CPR classes several years ago and Denny thought it was time to reinstate it. He sponsored a class on Thursday, October 18 at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation that received a hearty response. There were originally 62 people signed up, but more than 80 people showed up for the class.

“Everyone felt comfortable with what they were doing,” Denny says. “Everybody was very happy that they got exposed to how to do it.”

Colleen was also there to share her story. She was already certified in CPR when she administered it to Denny. Being a retired school teacher who was around students, she said that she had to know how to do CPR.

Denny would highly recommend others to get take CPR classes as well.

“Unfortunately, I had to go through something to appreciate the fact that it was done to me,” Denny says. “The only thing I can do is pretty much preach the gospel about it (hands-only CPR) …My job is to tell them where they can go to find out and how they can do it.”

The American Red Cross offers hands-only CPR courses that inform participants about when and how to perform hands-only CPR. The courses are approximately 30 minutes long and there are no prerequisites and no minimum age requirement.

By taking a hands-only CPR class, you’ll be prepared in case you ever find yourself in a situation like Denny’s. Instead of being an untrained bystander, you’ll be able to save a life!

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