Red Cross Volunteer Steven Sicilian

In the face of storms and disasters, the American Red Cross logo provides a feeling of security and hope. It all becomes possible with the help of ordinary people who volunteer their time in order to achieve extraordinary things. Red Cross volunteers across the globe are working to make a difference, and local volunteer Steven Sicilian is no exception.

Steven became involved with the Red Cross about 14 years ago when he was recruited while taking a class to renew his CPR certification. He then began his role with the Red Cross in the Preparedness, Health and Safety department. Since then he has volunteered in many different areas within the organization, including on the Associate Board, in Disaster Services, and in Volunteer Services, to name a few.

When asked which he prefers the most, Steven replied, “I don’t have a preference—I love working on projects in which I can see immediate change for the organization. Each of my roles [is] unique!”

During his years as a volunteer, Steven has been able to make real change happen and has worked with a great deal of other local Red Cross volunteers and employees. Cindy King volunteers in Disaster Services for the Ohio Buckeye Region and worked closely with Steven on a Disaster Services project.

“Steven has been instrumental in helping the Ohio Buckeye Region accept a new way of deploying teams to fires,” Cindy shared. “One major challenge was that some people would have to sit by their computer for six hours while on shift. Steve found a workaround enabling us to use a different access permitting cell phone and iPad® usage instead of just a computer.” This new system has been a major success and was even deployed nationally.

Aside from his own personal contributions, Steven also assists other Red Cross volunteers as an instructor of four in-person Volunteer Services courses. This is how Diane Dixon, who is a staff person in Volunteer Services, first met Steven. Diane described him as “a volunteer who approaches every Red Cross opportunity that he is involved in with his positive energy and a ‘what more can I do’ attitude.”

Steven truly enjoys helping people and striving to make a difference where he lives and works. He plans to continue making an impact locally and has even set a goal to provide assistance and relief during a major disaster.

“Hearing stories about how the Red Cross has personally helped someone—in any capacity—drives me to do more,” said Steven.

The hard work and dedication that Steven has shown exemplify the principles of the Red Cross and is how the organization continues to serve communities all over the world.

“When I hear the name Steven Sicilian, I smile,” said Diane. “Steven’s commitment to the mission of the American Red Cross is strong and we are a much stronger region because of his hard work.”

To learn more about how American Red Cross volunteers are making a difference or for more information on how to become a volunteer, visit the American Red Cross Volunteer Opportunities Website. You can become part of the 90 percent of the Red Cross workforce who are volunteers and start making a difference in your own community.

(photo: Red Cross volunteer Steven Sicilian is on the far right.)










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