Everyone Needs a Place to Sleep

It was an overcast December night, gray and frigid with a steely air, when I got the call. It was my first call as a member of the Disaster Action Team (DAT) for the Ohio Buckeye Region of the American Red Cross. I’d done the interview, taken the online training classes, and signed up online for some volunteer shifts, but the first few shifts hadn’t materialized into anything, thankfully. There were no local disasters on…… Continue reading Everyone Needs a Place to Sleep

Get A Kit! Make A Plan! Be Informed!

In Ohio, summer means cookouts, pool parties, and late-night bonfires. However, unpredictable weather doesn’t always cooperate with plans for outdoor fun. You can learn how to be prepared and plan for severe storms like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and floods that are common this time of year. In the event of any one of these storms the…… Continue reading Get A Kit! Make A Plan! Be Informed!