Finding The Perfect Fit

For Cathy Fisher-Farlin, there is nothing more rewarding than giving back to those who serve their country in the military. She has found the perfect fit as a volunteer with Services to the Armed Forces of the American Red Cross.  

 Among the services the Red Cross provides are comfort and non-medical support in military and veterans’ hospitals, as well as emergency communications to help military families stay connected.

Cathy says that one of the most enjoyable activities for her is when she goes once a week to talk to service members before they ship out. After she tells them about the services that are available, they fill out a contact form that enables the Red Cross to reach them if emergency communications are needed. She later calls their families and informs them about the services provided by the Red Cross. She finds that military personnel and their families are grateful that the services are there if they ever need them.

“My husband actually did use the emergency contact center when his mother was ill and he was in the services, so I feel like I have a little bit of real life story to tell the folks when I go,” Cathy says.

Red Cross assistance to military members and their families started when Clara Barton provided aid to soldiers and their families during the Civil War. Those efforts grew into what is now Services to the Armed Forces, which serves military members and their families around the world.

Cathy retired last September after working in the Department of Defense for over 33 years. Her husband is a retired military member, so she is no stranger to the work of the government and the armed forces.

“I have a little bit of a connection there, and a purpose to continue contributing to the armed forces,” Cathy says.

She adds that through her time volunteering with Red Cross, one of the most important things she has learned is how many volunteer opportunities are available. She’s found that there’s something for just about everyone.

Cathy herself started out in a different volunteer role with the Red Cross before she found the perfect fit for her. Being a Services to the Armed Forces volunteer is a role she is truly passionate about, which is evident in the effort and dedication she invests.

Do you have a passion for supporting military personnel and their families, as Cathy does? Or maybe you’d like to help people who’ve been affected by a disaster, or transport blood products to area hospitals. For more information about these and dozens of other volunteer opportunities available with the Red Cross, visit


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