Give a Little, Get a Lot!

You’re a college student looking for an internship to build your resume.

You like your current job, but you feel drawn to “give back” to your community.

You’re a retiree with decades of work experience and want to share it through volunteer service.

Whatever your current situation, the American Red Cross offers dozens of opportunities to share what you already know and develop new skills!

  • If you like working with people in crisis, you could volunteer with the Disaster Service Department. Teams of volunteers respond to local disasters, usually home fires. These volunteers are trained to interview those affected, find out what they need, and provide resources within Red Cross guidelines. When major disasters occur elsewhere, they may volunteer to assist elsewhere in the United States.
  • You could help prevent fires by installing home smoke alarms and providing fire safety education. You might be part of a group of volunteers installing alarms in a neighborhood, or join a smaller team responding to individual requests.
  • If you have a heart for military personnel and their families, Services to the Armed Forces could be a good fit. Some volunteers help military families stay in contact with their deployed loved ones during family emergencies. You could also provide non-medical service at a local veterans’ hospital or clinic.
  • If you’re medically inclined, you might like to help staff a blood drive or a blood donation center. Maybe you’d enjoy transporting blood and blood products to local hospitals. You could also learn how to teach CPR, first aid, or water safety classes.

You could use your creativity to write a blog post, make a video, or design graphics. You could answer the phone, do data entry, or help organize and staff an event. You could assist the fundraising team as they research, write and execute grants. Whatever time, skills and experience you have, the Red Cross has an opportunity for you! And if you want to volunteer but aren’t sure where, we’ll figure that out together! Visit to find out more and start your application.

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