Thanks for Helping!

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This year, amidst the several natural disasters that struck so many all over the world, thousands of people found a way to come together.  We’ve seen local telethons, celebrity concerts, and national brands and businesses joining the cause and raising funds to aid the survivors of these devastating storms. Here in the Ohio Buckeye Region, several local businesses and organizations partnered with the American Red Cross to raise funds for hurricane relief.

Our local television stations sponsored multiple telethons to support Red Cross hurricane relief effort. They generously donated space, air time, and the talent of anchors and reporters. They promoted the telethons enthusiastically, running banners throughout entire newscasts and making suggestions about ways to increase viewer response. We thank them and the hundreds of people who called in during these telethons, donating thousands of dollars.

Local businesses also donated their space, their staff, and sometimes food to promote our fundraising efforts. Owners and staff used their own creativity to promote hurricane relief. One restaurant donated a pizza and dessert buffet and the proceeds from bar specials. A local gym hosted a dance fitness fundraiser.

Students in the Olentangy Liberty School District took a novel approach to fundraising. They raised thousands of dollars for hurricane relief by “selling” the opportunity to wear hats at school!

And our Ohio Buckeye Region community responded! They called in pledges, dropped off checks, and made online donations. Each gift made people safer, more comfortable, and better able to begin to recover from these unimaginable natural disasters. We thank them for each and every gift.

The Red Cross, along with community and government partners, has provided more than 1.3 million emergency shelter overnight stays, more than 10.5 million meals and snacks, and more than 16,500 disaster workers in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. With the California wildfires, these numbers are even larger. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming, and we are proud to stand alongside our partners and provide a little comfort for those affected by these events. Thank you to those who dedicated your time, thank you to those who donated money, and thank you to all our community partners for their generosity!




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