Thank You!

It’s been a busy and exhausting few months for those affected by the recent storms, and for those Red Cross volunteers and others who’ve been helping them get back to normal.

But “normal” is within reach now, thanks to the resilience of survivors and the generosity of all who’ve reached out to help them. Debris has been cleared away. Homes are being rebuilt or restored. Much of what was lost has been replaced.

This season of giving and thanksgiving is a natural time to say “thank you” to all involved in the recovery process. “Thank you” to those who were affected, who’ve shown such strength and courage as they rebuild their lives. “Thank you” to the more than 170 local Red Cross volunteers who dropped everything when they heard the call for help. “Thank you” to the generous donors who responded to telethons and online requests. “Thank you” to the community partners who stepped up to do whatever each does best.

In the midst of responding to these larger disasters, Red Cross volunteers continued to respond to local needs as well: more than 100 local disasters, such as home fires and tornadoes, between the end of August and the end of October. The Red Cross assisted those affected with a listening ear, a bottle of water, assurance of safe shelter and ongoing guidance through recovery.

The need continues. Would you like to be part of the Red Cross response? There are so many opportunities to get involved! Volunteer in your area of interest – it’s needed! Give your treasure! The Red Cross can respond only because generous donors make financial gifts. Give blood! Every day, Red Cross trucks leave the loading dock carrying life-saving blood and blood products to local hospitals.

Oh yes – and did we say “thank you”?

For an update on Red Cross disaster recovery efforts, or to be part of the response to disasters large and small, visit

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