Thank You, Ed Campbell!

Ed Campbell, a retired police officer and dedicated American Red Cross volunteer, is a well-known name in the Buckeye region. After faithfully serving his Red Cross for 50 years, Ed died last month.

“He was a Red Cross volunteer that embodied what the Red Cross is,” said Mike Vance, the regional Red Cross volunteer coordinator.

Whenever Ed was asked if he could do something, he would without hesitation or complaint. Ed was a one-of-a-kind person, and a one-of-a-kind volunteer. He was the kind of volunteer who would drive out to meet you to help put air in the tires, sometimes taking the person to his house because he had air there.

It seemed few people had a heart as big as Ed’s. During the Fairfield Centennial Celebration, he gave free use of everything in the building! The day of the event, he helped do all the grunt work, such as carry chairs to storage. Whatever was needed, he was there.

Ed had the heart of a guy who just wanted to help people. His beginnings with the Red Cross were teaching people how to save lives in CPR classes. Eventually he became the point person for 20 years, with everyone knowing they could count on Ed.

“Throughout the inevitable changes the years brought, Ed was a constant,” said Rod Cook, the local Red Cross chapter executive director.

A cross word was never heard from Ed, and he always kept the mood light. He was always joking about something, making people around him smile! In a volunteer position where the goal is to alleviate human suffering, those jokes and his smiles were definitely instrumental to bringing about a lighter atmosphere. He really sought to serve the people around him, be it a stranger or long-time friend. In fact, it seemed as though Ed never knew a stranger!

The list of areas where Ed served reads like a Red Cross directory: Disaster Action Team, where he responded to disasters both local and national; fundraising events specialist; volunteer lead; and volunteer engagement lead. Ed was like a walking and talking book on the Red Cross!

Thank you, Ed, for your service to the Red Cross and joining the effort to alleviate human suffering. You will be missed but never forgotten. Our hearts grieve in his absence, but his legacy will stay with the Red Cross for decades to come. When a person leaves a legacy like that of Ed Campbell they are never truly gone.

Volunteers are not only the lifeblood of the American Red Cross, but the heart and soul of it. There are so many volunteers that keep the Red Cross running. If you would like to join the Red Cross in its mission of alleviating human suffering across the globe, contact your local Red Cross or visit


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