Fundraiser Helps Meet Basic Needs

Last year Karen Washbush, a Red Cross staff member who works in financial development, saw firsthand the people she helps through her fundraising efforts. She deployed with the Red Cross to West Virginia to help raise money to assist people affected by the floods. “I saw people near these small houses and all their worldly…… Continue reading Fundraiser Helps Meet Basic Needs

Thankful to be Back on Their Feet

“Devastating” and “thankful” are two words Donna repeats again and again when talking about the fire that destroyed her home on October 9, 2016. It could have been so much worse. Donna’s husband, who had a stroke, was living across the street with his mother; her son and his five children were living with her…… Continue reading Thankful to be Back on Their Feet

“We Choose to be Here Because We Know We Can Do Good”

“I wouldn’t trade my life for the world.” That’s how Catherine Reed sums up her life in the American Red Cross. Catherine, a disaster program manager in Ohio, oversees all aspects of disaster services for her chapter. She gets the early morning and late night calls when fire erupts in a multi-unit apartment complex. She…… Continue reading “We Choose to be Here Because We Know We Can Do Good”