Red Cross Responds to Local Apartment Explosion

An uncontrollable explosion struck a local Century City apartment complex in Reynoldsburg Thursday night leaving 84 individuals and families without homes, food or clothing. The Red Cross was quick to the scene and immediately opened up a shelter for those affected by the horrendous eruption.

Explosion Site in Reynoldsberg

In addition to opening up a local shelter for the individuals and families to have a place to sleep, the Red Cross has been working around the clock to ensure that these people are given other necessities such as snacks, water and immediate assistance.

Red Cross volunteers spent all day Monday and Tuesday at the Century City apartments leasing office helping those affected by the explosion with recovery and finding a temporary place to reside. Volunteers also spent the day filing case work and addressing and attending to the financial needs of anyone who has been displaced by this tragic disaster.

“My wife has been keeping tabs on me,” stated Bob Criswell, volunteer with the Red Cross. “She told me I’ve only been home a total of 6 waking hours since the explosion.”

Criswell featured on left at explosion site.

Bob is one of the numerous volunteers who has been spending countless hours working to ensure all of the people suffering from the effects of the explosion are able to receive any and all the support we can possibly provide, whether it be financial or emotional support the Red Cross is working to meet each victim’s personal needs.

“It’s just incredibly fortunate to know that not a single person was injured from this explosion,” stated Chris Beddoes, Red Cross volunteer. “All of the victims of the explosion keep telling us how grateful they are to have us here, but we are simply grateful that no one got hurt.”

Several volunteers mentioned that while it is difficult to replace belongings and money lost to disasters, it is still possible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace a human life, so it is a blessing when no one is harmed.

If you or someone you know was affected by the recent explosion in Reynoldsburg, please call (614)-251-1443 for support. A dispatcher will be on the line 24/7 prepared to transfer you to a Red Cross volunteer who can offer immediate assistance.

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