The Most Incredible Blood Drive Right Here In Ohio

Jean Howley is a dedicated member of the St. Joseph Church in Circleville Ohio. Here, in the Ohio Buckeye Region, she is a member of the funeral choir and bereavement committee. Her responsibilities include sending sympathy cards to those in need and spearheading the rummage sale. This outstanding woman’s talents don’t stop there.  Jean has also devoted 25 years to hosting Red Cross Blood Drives at the Trinity Lutheran Church and demonstrated unmatched service and compassion to all those who give. Her time and energy are qualities that are greatly appreciated by anyone who has had the privilege of meeting her.

For 125 years Volunteers of The American Red Cross have been hosting blood drives and helping millions of people in need. Blood drive hosts help the Red Cross fulfill its mission and ensure the availability of a safe and reliable blood supply.

Typically the responsibilities of a Blood Drive Host include:

  • Offering a suitable location
  • Assisting with recruitment of donors within the organization and publicizing the drive
  • Scheduling appointments with donors


However, some volunteers take blood drives to the next level! An incredible example of this is the Trinity Lutheran Blood Drive in Circleville Ohio, hosted by Jean Howley.


Four women: Ruth Ann Tener, Jeanette Gerhart, Mary Jo Ballou and Jean Howley work selflessly together during these blood drives to provide a comfortable and meaningful experience for all blood donors who attend. In addition to the snacks and juice provided by the Red Cross, these women also prepare a light lunch of sandwiches, chips, cookies, homemade cake, iced tea and lemonade that they serve personally to each donor. During the donation process, the women monitor everyone in case anyone feels faint, and they are prepared to call for help if needed. They have the donors sign up for the next month, and make each person feel appreciated for coming in.


These women’s efforts do not go unnoticed. Community blood donors continuously return to donate due to the incredible treatment and respect. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you know you are saving a life, and these four ladies know how to truly enhance that feeling. When you give blood in a community, such as the one at Trinity Lutheran, you become part of a family that you won’t ever want to leave. This blood drive is inspirational and is such an amazing success story for so many patients who were saved by donations at this location. We can’t thank these four hosts and the donors at Trinity Lutheran enough for all of their efforts in helping The Red Cross reach its goals!

The Red Cross is unconditionally grateful for Jean’s many years of service and exemplary illustration of compassion toward the Red Cross goals and mission. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of The Red Cross and the reason we are able to effectively help those in need. To host a blood drive in your community please visit or for any other volunteer opportunities visit


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