Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

Since 2014 the American Red Cross has been working diligently to expand the reach of their Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. The Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, or HFPC, strives to decrease the number of home-fire deaths and injuries by 25% over the 3.jpgnext five years by installing new smoke alarms in homes and fixing broken ones free of charge. The HFPC also offers fire and disaster safety education in communities with high risk of home fires.

The American Red Cross has locations all across the United States and works hand in hand with volunteers to ensure that each individual and family who seeks smoke alarms and fire safety education may receive such services.

This past weekend, volunteers were sent to West Broad Street to continue this project in 10
our Ohio Buckeye Region. Numerous smoke alarms were placed in homes where there had been none previously, and many others were added where there were had only been one or two. In addition to this, several individuals received fire safety education for the first time in their lives.

“It’s wonderful to get to witness firsthand what the Red Cross does in our community,” commented Ashley Haley, American Red Cross volunteer, Ohio Buckeye Region. “Not only are they there to support people during and after tragedies strike, but they are making it their mission to be there before as well so that they can prevent these awful disasters from happening.”

26The American Red Cross stands behind the statement that it is simply not enough to fight fires and aid the recovery of those who have be
en affected by these disasters. It is
imperative to PREVENT these horrendous occurrences and ensure the safety of the people in our community. With the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign, the Red Cross is confident that countless lives will be spared, and individuals will be able to rest easy knowing that if their home should catch fire, they will be alerted immediately.

To contact your local Red Cross about receiving your free smoke alarms and fire safety education, visit https://www.homefirepreparedness.org/cms/!

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