Red Cross welcomes visitor from Kenya


Did you know the Red Cross has something simillar to a foreign exchange program?

Recently, the Columbus Red Cross had a visitor from Kenya stop by to see how things work around here.

Esther, the Kenyan Red Crosser, is in a social work exchange program from the United Way. Normally, she is a volunteer and trainer in her home country.

When she stopped by Columbus, she was very impressed with the work we are doing.

During her visit, Esther stated:

“I would like to come back. I didn’t have enough time here, I’ve really enjoyed it”.

“Responses are quicker. In Kenya, the power can go off in the whole county for 2 days. Here you respond to that as a disaster. Back home, a power outage is not a disaster.

“It’s a very good thing that there is time to help with things like that here.”

Esther, we are glad you enjoyed your stay. Keep up your wonderful work in Kenya!

Red Cross volunteers and supporters in Columbus, thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do here!

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