Holiday Giving Made Simple


Are you stressing out over holiday shopping, wondering about the perfect gifts to get your friends and family members?

Would you like to give people gifts they will enjoy, while giving back to the Red Cross at the same time?

The Red Cross catalogue offers Holiday gifts that will fit anyone on your shopping list.

Here are a couple things the Red Cross Catalogue has to offer:

1. Classic Clothing– For both men and women, this clothing includes T-shirts; sweaters; and track jackets.

2. Backpacks– Whether your children need a new backpack for school, or you know a person who likes to travel frequently, this backpack would be perfect for them.

3. Boots– It gets cold in the winter. New boots are a great gift for everyone.

4. Want to make sure your family is prepared for any disaster that may occur? Give them the gift of safety through the Red Cross Family First Aid Kit.

5. Know any ladies who like to carry a bunch of stuff with them wherever they go? Get them a tote.

A portion of the proceeds on all products in the catalogue funds emergency relief at Red Cross.

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