Red Cross FAQs Part 2

In this post, we hope to answer more common questions about the American Red Cross. Is the American Red Cross part of the U.S. government? No. The American Red Cross functions independently of the government but works closely with government agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), during times of major crises. The…… Continue reading Red Cross FAQs Part 2

Frequently Asked Questions about the Red Cross

People have many quesitons about the Red Cross. In this post, and the next, we hope to cover some of them. Common Questions often asked: How can the Red Cross help me? The Red Cross is committed to saving lives and easing suffering. This diverse organization helps you by providing relief to victims of disaster,…… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions about the Red Cross

Truly Meaningful Holiday Season

Would you like to give a gift that is truly meaningful this holiday season? Consider giving to the Red Cross. People can do something that truly means something and provides help for the Red Cross. The Red Cross needs help in five different ways: 1. We recently opened a holiday giving catalog where you can…… Continue reading Truly Meaningful Holiday Season

Red Cross welcomes visitor from Kenya

Did you know the Red Cross has something simillar to a foreign exchange program? Recently, the Columbus Red Cross had a visitor from Kenya stop by to see how things work around here. Esther, the Kenyan Red Crosser, is in a social work exchange program from the United Way. Normally, she is a volunteer and…… Continue reading Red Cross welcomes visitor from Kenya

Stay Safe during Holiday Cooking

The holday season is the perfect time to do a lot of cooking for both parties with friends and dinners with family. Did you know, however, that the single greatest cause of house fires is cooking? Do something to protect yourself this holiday season and educate yourself on the top ten ways to stay safe…… Continue reading Stay Safe during Holiday Cooking

Holiday Giving Made Simple

Are you stressing out over holiday shopping, wondering about the perfect gifts to get your friends and family members? Would you like to give people gifts they will enjoy, while giving back to the Red Cross at the same time? The Red Cross catalogue offers Holiday gifts that will fit anyone on your shopping list.…… Continue reading Holiday Giving Made Simple