Marine Dad shows Support for Holiday Mail for Heroes

Bill Stevenson is a State Farm Agent as well as the father of a Marine. And as any parent of a service member would be, he is extemely proud of what his son is doing in service to our country.

When he learned that his company is partnering with the American Red Cross in our Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign, he wanted to let his co-workers know how much the support is appreciated. Here’s the note he sent to his fellow agents:

Forgive me in advance if I am overreaching, but I want to take a moment to personally share the great value and importance of this program and our involvement as a company.

As some of you may know my son proudly serves as a United States Marine….Ooo-rah! I know many of you have children or grandchildren that have made a similar commitment to serve. Although our family is relatively new to the ways of the military, the experience of being away from home for the holidays is universal among all military families no matter the tenure. This will be my son’s second holiday season away from family. Last year he was at combat training during Christmas when he received a care package and a handful of Christmas cards all from families and organizations that had no idea who he was, other than a serviceman away from home. That small gesture made a big difference. As a parent, if you want to warm my heart, be kind to my children. These young men and women are somebody’s children who won’t be seeing them at their table this holiday season.

Take a moment to consider the ripple effect of participating in this effort by promoting this on your social media and perhaps having clients stop by your office to sign a card.

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign which has such a powerful impact on the lives of families in the military!
We greatly appreciate the support of our sponsors at State Farm Insurance, IGS Energy, Giant Eagle, and Monica Morgan Whitehead, in memory of LTC Rollin E. Morgan.

For more information about Holiday Mail for Heroes, as well as how to volunteer, visit the American Red Cross website. There are several card signing opportunities available as well.

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