Columbus Red Cross on NBC 4 News


Columbus Red Cross is on NBC 4 news. The story shot 10/11/13 and aired on Sunday 10/13/13

Here is the full text of the story:

The Columbus Red Cross says there is a critical need for volunteer drivers.

The organization’s community transportation program has seen an increase in request from the elderly and people with special needs who need assistance getting to doctors appointments.

Last year, volunteers made approximately 16,000 trips. Now, the demand has grown to nearly 20,000 trips.
Bob Core says he can’t travel like he used to. “The last time I drove a car I wrecked it.” That was more than eight years ago.

Now, Core relies on the Red Cross’ Community Transportation Program to get to his dialysis appointments.
This year, Red Cross leaders say they can’t fill all the requests with the number of drivers they currently have.

“We need more volunteers for that program quite frankly. There’s folks today we just can’t serve because we don’t have enough volunteers,” said Red Cross Regional CEO Matt Bertram.

Right now there are 25 volunteer drivers, but the Red Cross needs to add 25 more.
“It’s our cars, it’s our gas our training. We just need, we need people’s time,” Bertram said.
From volunteering one day a week, to once a month, Red Cross Leaders say the volunteer schedule is flexible.

“It’s really a rewarding experience and you’re actually knowing that you’re helping somebody stay independent and get to those important medical appointments,” said Bertram.

To learn more about the program or to volunteer click here.

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