Americorps Sleepover

Remember when you were a little kid and went to sleepovers at your friend’s house?

Americorps members do that too. The only difference is that during theirs, they respond to disasters.

Four friends – all current/former Americorps members – had spent the night at one of the women’s homes. In the middle of the night, dispatch called because the team lead on duty couldn’t be reached.

Jen McCuistion (Fairfield/Hocking) answered the ohone and said something like: “Actually I have a regional DAT team sleeping in my living room.” So Jen and Sarah McNamee( Marion), Christina Steiner (Franklin) and Melva Hanke (Franklin/Delaware) piled in the car and went out to provide disaster relief.

On 10/05/2013 7:54 A.M. the DAT discovered a single unit inactive fire in 43135. The unit was completely destroyed, and 3 adults were affected. The DAT provided: food for 3 people, bedding and linens for 1 person, and a storage container. The total assistance provided was equivalent to $385.00

What an amazing representation of the spirit of Americorps and the Red Cross together!

Here are a couple pictures from the scene of the disaster:

Americorps sleepover 5

One Americorps member ready to go!

Americorps sleepover 6

Another Americorps member ready to go!

Americorps sleepover 2

The scene of the fire

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