A Huge Thank You To Our Sponsors

thank you

There have been many sponsors for the Columbus Red Cross who have had a tremendous impact on our organization.

Ready When The Time Comes, and Save The Day are two programs which sponsors have helped support.

Ready When The Time Comes mobilizes volunteers from partner companies and community organizations when a local, large scale disaster strikes. Ready When The Time Comes Volunteer can be called when the response to a disaster requires more than the normal amount of local volunteers.

Ready When The Time Comes partner companies include:
Ashville Kiwanis Club
Cardinal Health
Circleville Kiwanis Club
Community Housing Network
Grace United Methodist Church
High Street Baptist Church
King Avenue United Methodist Church
Limited Brands
New Covenant Believers’ Church
Peace Lutheran Church
Tzu Chi Foundation

Save the Day sponsors help keep emergency vehicles running, supplies well stocked, Disaster Action Teams mobilized, and provide relief to families in need. Many families affected by disaster have no insurance to replace lost possessions. Our Save the Day sponsors help these families retain stability, avoid homelessness and get back on their feet.

Save The Day Sponsors Include:
Worthington Industries
Giant Eagle Market District

If you are part of a corporation or organization which would like to partner with the Red Cross, we would greatly appreciate your help for our many programs, events, and blood drives.

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors!

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