Coping With Deployment


The American Red Cross proudly supports our troops, as well as their service to our country.

The Red Cross offers many services to help members of the military, as well as their families, to cope with deployment. Services the Red Cross offers include the Coping with Deployments Course; the Pre-Deployment Prepardness Tool for Family Members; and Post-Deployment Support Resources for Homecomings.

Coping with Deployments Course:

This course is designed for spouses, parents, older children, siblings, and significant others of service members. Military members, as well as veterns, are able to take the course with their families.

Topics covered in this course include increasing resilience in ourselves; increasing resilience in our children; and providing psychological first aid to others experiencing stressful feelings and events.

This course also serves as a useful link to connect you with other military families in your community.

Pre-Deployment Prepardness Tools for Families:

Being prepared to deal with challenges that may arise at home will give everyone some peace of mind and help the service member focus on his/her mission ahead.

Here are a few tips for preparing for deployment. More extensive lists are available at the American Red Cross website.

1. Attend mobilization meetings and take notes
2. Know the exact name of your service member’s unit
3. Know how to reach the rear detachment

Emergency Prepardness:
1. Have a primary and alternate child care plan
2. Have a primary and alternate elder care plan
3. Have emergency plans in place in the event of a disaster- where you will go; how you will communicate

Your Finances:
1. Discuss when bills are due
2. Have enough money saved to cover an emergency, including emergency travel
3. Create a family budget

Post-Deployment Support Resources for Homecomings:

The American Red Cross Reconnection Workshops are devoted to members of the military, veterns, and family. The goal is to support and ease the transition home.

These classes offer individual, as well as small group reconnections. Topics covered include managing anger, building communications and reconnecting with others. In these classes, skills such as effective coping mechanisms, as well as where to find resources are acquirred

To register for any of these classes, email your name, city/state and which workshop(s) you are interested to

For additional information about the workshops offered, as well as to download the Coming Home from Deployment: The New ‘Normal’ Booklet, please visit the American Red Cross website.

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