Technology Gurus? Become Digital Advocates Today.

Are you a technology guru?

Most of you are probably thinking “no”.

Images that come to your mind may involve Best Buy Geek Squad Members and people that know how to hook up printers.

hooking up printer

If one of these categories of people describes you, congratulations! Keep up the good work! You are doing something that will most likely always perplex me.

If these categories of people do not describe you, have no fear. You are still, in all likelyhood a technology guru.

– Do you know how to use the internet?
– Do you know how to use Google?
– Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account?
– Are you reading this blog right now?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then congratualations, you are a technology guru.


In the increasingly digitalized 21st century world, it is pretty hard not to be a technology guru.

Did you know you could use your technology skills to help the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is continually looking for Digital Advocates to discuss the mission of the Red Cross, share links with friends, and take action.

Here are five specfic ways you can take action as a Digital Advocate:

1. Facebook: The Red Cross Facebook Community is full of supporters from every walk of life. Join us and thousands of others to discuss, share and take action.

2. Twitter: Follow us on Twitter to get updates in times of disasters, as well as tips on how to be prepared and stay safe.

3. YouTube: Stop by to see what our latest tips about how to prepare for disasters, as well as tips on CPR and numerous other topics.

4. Blog: We hope this blog is full of many informative tips. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment. If you like this blog, you can also subscribe.

5. Create an Online Fundraiser: Create your own personal Fundraising page to support your mission. Whether it is running a marathon, donating your birthday, or hooking up printers, you can create a page for anything.

Thank you so much to the volunteers, supporters, and advocates for the Red Cross. This includes all the people who “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Every small thing you do has a very large impact. We appreciate everything you have done to help us in our mission!

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