Go Buckeyes! American Red Cross Volunteers at the Football Game

This weekend marked the start of football season. Ohio State University played Buffalo and won by a score of 40-20. Along with the start of football season came the work of 50 caring Red Cross volunteers working inside the stadium. The games would not be able to run as smoothly without the work of these volunteers.

The volunteers are there to assist wherever they can. Volunteers were located across six first-aid stations inside the stadium. They arrived at 7:15 a.m. for what they predicted would be a multitude of heat-related issues.

According to a September 1 Columbus Dispatch Article, the American Red Cross treated about 160 people for heat-related issues at this weekend’s game. Temperatures peaked at 87 degrees on game day, with very high humidity. During the half time break, Brutus Buckeye traded his mascot head for a 7 pound bag of ice across his shoulders.

These volunteers were part of FAST (First Aid Services Team) at American Red Cross. FAST provides services at public festivals, sporting events, and concerts across the area.

FAST volunteers come equipped with emergency oxygen, AEDs, first aid kids, cots, blankets, radios, and an ice chest. All are certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. Many hold professional licenses (EMT, RN, etc).

Along with FAST, there are many other ways to volunteer with the American Red Cross. Other Red Cross programs include AmeriCorps, Aquatics, The Community Awareness Team, The Community Transportation Program, and Service to Armed Forces.

To learn more about volunteering with the Red Cross, click here.

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