Becky Brown: I wish I could volunteer more

By Stephanie Heckman, Red Cross Public Relations Intern

“I like to meet new people. I get to know the regulars and the staff a little more. See a little more about what they do.”

Since September, Becky Brown has worked as an administrative volunteer with the Chapter’s Volunteer Resources. Brown chooses to volunteer because she has “always liked the Red Cross.” She previously taught Red Cross classes but she “wanted to try something different”.

As an administrative volunteer, Brown’s tasks include working with volunteers from the time they submit their applications until after they have undergone training. “I like doing clerical things; I know a lot of people don’t. It’s something different,” she says. “I think every day is different, there’s a lot of variety.”

Brown says that because of Hurricane Sandy in fall 2012, many new people have applied and are excited about volunteering. “I explain to them about what they need to volunteer:  how to help during disasters, where to direct them, I give them direction, things like that. It’s been rewarding,” she says.

“I know I’m helping a volunteer, it helps the volunteer get organized and get where they are going,” Brown says. “I’m volunteering to help other people volunteer. Hopefully their jobs are easier because we made them it little easier for them.”

The employees and volunteers she works with make her passionate about volunteering, especially since Brown normally works with children. “I like to meet new people. I get to know the regulars and the staff a little more. See a little more about what they do,” she says. “Everybody has been so nice and friendly here, every person has been so positive and willing. As a volunteer, that makes you feel great. It makes me want to be that way too.”

Brown believes that everyone should consider volunteering. “There are lots of skills to learn and people to meet and it makes you a better person. It shows your caring ability, your sympathy, your empathy,” she says. “It really does matter to volunteer, no matter how small it is. People should go out of their routine.”

In the future, Brown would also like to start volunteering with the Red Cross’s military and veterans’ services. “My dad was in the Navy and I want to honor him,” she says.

Brown works full-time at the YMCA and volunteering at two organizations. However, volunteering is a life-long passion for her. “I wish I was retired so I can volunteer more!”

The Red Cross is always in need of time and talent, from administrative workers to emergency service volunteers. To find the right volunteer opportunity for you, visit

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