Shafaq Majeed: Volunteering gets you out of the bubble

By Stephanie Heckman, Red Cross Public Relations Intern

Shafaq Majeed, 31, volunteers in the Volunteer Resources department for the Red Cross of Greater Columbus. A transplant of San Antonio, Texas, she began volunteering in May 2012 when she relocated to Columbus. Shafaq was excited to be able to volunteer since her former city did not have a local Red Cross chapter chapter.

“It was such a great time to volunteer when moving from a big city to a small city. I’ve always lived in big cities and it was different adjusting to life here. The Red Cross makes Columbus seem like a bigger city. It’s been a great experience,” she says.

Shafaq chose the Volunteer Resources department because she wanted to learn more about the foundation of our Red Cross chapter. She says that her favorite part of volunteering is being in touch with people, taking clients to doctor appointments through the Community Transportation Program and collecting donations to help people. She currently volunteers two days or 12 hours per week.

“It’s a great way to fill time, gain experience and get in touch with people,” Shafaq says. “I recommend getting out of the bubble of work and family. It’s a great, new experience. You get to meet new people every day, they are all so giving; you get to know more about how to act in disasters, you get a lot of experience out of volunteering here.”

A management and project coordinater by profession, Shafaq’s volunteer tasks for Volunteer Resources include adminstrative support, document control and filing, systems work, uploading files and managing volunteer profiles. Aside from Volunteer Resources, she has also volunteered in the departments of the Community Transportation Program and Emergency Services.

In the future, she says, would perhaps like to try volunteering more with Emergency Services. However, she says that she also “really enjoys” volunteering with Volunteer Resources and Community Transporation.

The Red Cross could not continue helping the community without the effort, skills and valuable time of our amazing volunteers like Shafaq. There is a way for everyone to help: volunteers can do office work, communications, provide disaster relief, take patients to doctors’ visits, organize blood drives, treat injuries with our First Aid Service Team or teach classes in life-saving skills.

“We always welcome people. We don’t kick out anyone who wants to volunteer,” Shafaq jokes. “We always take them.”

If you want to volunteer and help the community like Shafaq, go to our website to learn more.

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