Give Outside the Box

~ Thank you, Red Cross volunteer Zoobia Asif, for submitting this insightful blog. 

web bannerEvery year the holiday season begins with making long shopping lists. Then there is the hassle of countless trips to the mall, juggling with parking spaces, wrapping those gifts, and some times even mailing them to different locations. Even after going through all those steps, you are not even sure if your gift will be liked! Well there is a solution to this problem! How about giving the gift of hope, help, and compassion to those who truly need it? Give a gift that means more than the run-of-the-mill gifts and truly incorporates with the season of hope.

The American Red Cross 2012 Holiday Giving Catalog has everything you need, to make your holidays more meaningful and help those in need. You have a variety of gifts to donate in honor of your loved ones. For instance, you can donate vaccinations and help children in a developing country have a life long protection against measles. Almost 380 people die every day around the world due to measles, most of them children. It is heart wrenching to know that these futile deaths could have been avoided by an effective and inexpensive vaccination that cost only $1 per child; providing life long protection against this deadly disease. As an American pediatrician working in Africa told the Red Cross, “I spend my day treating kids with measles, trying to keep them from dying. Then I step back, and realize that with a simple shot, it can be prevented. It boggles the mind!”

In 2011, 220 million people around the globe received vaccination against measles through the Red Cross and its Measles Initiative Partners. They also help to educate families about the dangers of this disease, urging parents to bring their children to get vaccinated. The Measles Initiative estimates it will need approximately $212 million between 2012 and 2015 to reach towards their eventual goal of eradicating measles.

 Help them to reach their goal by shopping from the Holiday Giving Catalog. You also have the choice of sending free greeting cards to your family and friends, announcing that a gift has been given in their name. Don’t delay. Make this holiday season different by making a difference in someone’s life in need!

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