Your Daily Dose of Science: Fire Prevention Week Style

Written by Courtney Zielinski, Professional Volunteer.  Full-time Science Enthusiast.

Full disclosure: I am a huge geek. I love learning about how science influences our lives, without us really knowing it. I have never lost the itch that makes me want to take items apart, just to see how they work. I do exhibit enormous self control and so household objects like my blender, laptop, and smoke detector remain intact and operable. Part of the reason I still have all of my electronics is that the internet exists (science!), and when the itch strikes I can rest fairly easy that someone has probably explained it, and I just need to find it.

It is Fire Prevention Week and we all are reminded of the importance of smoke detectors. Making sure we have them properly installed, testing them, and replacing the batteries. A smoke alarm isn’t that big and the outside is kind of bland looking, but this tiny marvel saves many lives year after year.

But, how?! Thanks to the EngineerGuy, Bill Hammack, now you too can learn how a smoke alarm works to protect you and your family.

Please note that if you are listening with headphones, then your ears will be awakened by the loud beeping of a smoke alarm at the 0:05 mark and it will hurt.

Remember, a smoke alarm is only as good as its energy source. Make sure you test the battery once a month and replace the battery twice a year. Also, remember to replace the smoke detector every 10 years.

For more ways to stay prepared visit

Be safe and have fun everyone!

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