STOP! It's National Preparedness Month!

~ thanks to awesomesauce herself, volunteer Courtney, for this post!

emoticon with football helmet and hand up Oh, September. The kids are back in school, summer begrudgingly starts to turn to autumn, and pumpkin lattes slowly creep back onto coffee shop menus. It is a perfect time to sit down with your family and create your personal emergency preparedness plan!

So, maybe emergency preparedness wasn’t your first thought, and you’re disappointed that I didn’t mention that September also means football. My apologies. But, taking steps to make sure you and your family have a game plan in case of a disaster or emergency is important, and super easy to do. Here are some easy ways to get started:

1)      Talk. Encourage discussion about what can happen locally. It sounds simple, but those who don’t believe a disaster can happen to them, won’t talk about it. And, if they don’t talk about it, they won’t prepare.

2)      Once you have discussed what can happen, assess your area. What is the layout of your home? What are the major roads leading into your neighborhood? Are there any locations that could serve as good meeting places for your family?

3)      Visit, and see if you’re Red Cross Ready with our online module.

4)      Pass information along to friends and neighbors, and get them involved in the process!

No one can predict where or when the next large disaster will strike, but the preparedness steps you take today can save lives tomorrow!

 Keep an eye out for tips and tricks on how to develop your emergency plan!

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