Lifeguard of the Day c.a. 1971

Above is a photo of lifeguards receiving the WCOL- Red Cross Lifeguard of the Day awards. The man in the suit is Wes Hopkins, sometimes known as “Kemosabe” on the morning radio show, he was the first to run the Chicken Man comedy series that was on for many years.

With pool season steadily approaching, it’s time to get out your flower printed speedos and get lifeguard certified by the Red Cross.

Below is the letter you would have recieved in 1971 after becoming WCOL- Red Cross Lifeguard of the Day:

The Franklin County Red Cross congratulates you on being Lifeguard of the day.

As a Lifeguard you assume the responsibility of insuring safety in the pool and in the surrounding pool area.  Through you, lives can be saved and injuries spared.  This is a vital community contribution.

Qualifying as a lifeguard is an accomplishment of which you should feel proud.  You possess the knowledge and skills of swimming and lifesaving which will help the Red Cross in its goal of waterproofing Columbus.

The Red Cross salutes you and seeks to be available for assistance to you whenever it it needed.  We also encourage you to continue acquiring safety skills through Red Cross Training.

Our representatives will be visiting various  community pools this summer and look forward to meeting and talking with you.

Congratulations and have a good summer!

Sincerely yours,

Alfred L. Baron Chapter Manager c.a. 1971

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