An Interesting Perspective

The first post by awesomesauce volunteer Courtney Zielinski. But not the last…

Ever wonder what firefighters see when they enter a burning building? Well, just watch the video below and you’ll get a first hand look!

Remember, firefighters are trained professionals wearing loads of protective gear when they fight fires. Thanks to the Columbus Community Relations Commission, Columbus Fire Department, and Lt. Sawyer, I got to experience this first hand. I was taking so long to put everything on, that Lt. Sawyer had to help me. After the pants, jacket, helmet, and oxygen tank were all in place, it was like I had two toddlers strapped to me. And then, they made me crawl with everything, in front of 30 people armed with cameras.

Fire Crawl!

I, like most people, do not have all this gear waiting for me in my closet. The best thing for me and other families to do in a home fire is to get out and stay out, and leave the firefighting to the professionals. Here are some additional fire safety tips:

1)      Make sure your house is equipped with working smoke alarms. Test the batteries at least once a month, and change the batteries twice a year.

2)      Sit down with your family and make an escape plan. Make sure that there are at least two ways out of every room, in case one way is blocked by fire. Identify a meeting place outside, away from the house.

3)      Practice! Twice a year have a home fire drill. This will help everyone remember the plan and makes sure that the plan works for everyone.

4)      If you have small children, stress how important it is that they don’t hide. A smoke alarm can sound scary in the middle of the night, but it’s there to make sure everyone is safe.

If you would like more fire safety information visit!

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