Pam Blum named 2012 American Red Cross of Greater Columbus Exceptional Volunteer

Bea Dorman, Pam Blum and Kurt Anders Image
Bea Dorman, executive director of the American Red Cross in Pickaway County, and Kurt Anders, chief operating officer and interim CEO of the ARC of Greater Columbus/Central-Southeast Ohio Region, present Pam Blum with the Exceptional Volunteer Service Award during a staff and volunteer recognition event on July 20, 2012.

The highest chapter honor for American Red Cross volunteer service is the annual Exceptional Volunteer Service Award. Our recipient has demonstrated high quality work and, on a regular basis, reaches beyond the basic requirements of her position.

Pamela Blum started volunteering with the Red Cross in 2005. In the past seven years, she has grown and expanded her position in our organization.  As she gained experience on a local level, she sought to broaden the scope of her service and applied to DSHR. Pam has been willing to leave her home and business with only a couple hours notice to provide relief in more than ten states. She is always willing to step out of her personal life and help alleviate the suffering of those affected by a disaster. 

Her passion to help those in need makes her an outstanding volunteer and helps the American Red Cross continue to fulfill its mission.  Pam, please come up and accept the recognition you so richly deserve.

3 thoughts on “Pam Blum named 2012 American Red Cross of Greater Columbus Exceptional Volunteer

  1. From CALIFORNIA. Pam Blum’s actions to assist others is known on the west coast. From providing shelter to transporting food or equipment, she is “on the ready “. She gives up nothing to do this as she has stated. “I gain much more than I ever give”. Pam is truly a servant of god. Doing His work


  2. hey pam, i’m so proud of you. going to visit ohio in sept and will see you then, you deserve the award and more. love ya, jim johnson


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