Tornadoes Hit Close to Home

Tyler Green, National Guard, found a flag in West Liberty, KY and didn’t want to lay it down. “I was raised that a flag never touches the ground. This disaster I think will bring us closer together as a community.” Tyler climbed up on the remains of a nearby rooftop and hung the flag at his neighbor’s house. 

Shelters are open across several states to provide people with a safe place to stay. Since last Wednesday, the Red Cross has sheltered hundreds of people displaced by tornadoes in 11 states.

The Red Cross in Cincinnati has more than 100 volunteers staffing the operation including individuals from Dayton,Columbus, and Troy,Ohio. There are currently eight emergency relief vehicles (ERV) out in the field, and so far the Red Cross has provided approximately 6,000 meals/snacks and over 215 comfort kits.  Red Cross mental health workers are helping people cope with the devastating things they have had to endure. Health service workers are helping replace things like lost medications and eyeglasses, outreach and condolence visits.

Photo Credit: American Red Cross/Winnie Romeril

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