Fresh Face Friday: Meet Courtney

Courtenay with her puppetsI needed to work. More importantly, I wanted a job that was interesting and got me out of food service and, if possible, involved working with children. I have worked in kitchens most of my life, and, while I do enjoy the preparation and consumption of food, I was looking for a way out. That is how I ended up on the AmeriCorps website. There seemed to be so many options to choose from, just inCentral Ohio: organizations that I never knew existed, and those whose names everyone knows, such as the American Red Cross.

I admit that when the Red Cross popped up in my search, I immediately tried to remember the last time I donated blood; instantly, I felt guilty at the number of years that had passed. However, the job I was most interested in focused on disaster education, not blood services. As I filled out the application, double checked my resume, and hesitantly pressed “Send,” I promised that I would donate blood if only Red Cross would give me a call back. Then I made a back-up promise to donate blood even if they did not (karma and I are old acquaintances, and I can take a hint).

Fast forward past the phone calls, interview, and orientation, and here I am four months in. I am feeling confident enough to say that, out of all the jobs I have had, this is the best. I have already met so many awesome people who work and volunteer with the Red Cross. I get to work with children and teach them about disaster preparedness. Sometimes, that job involves puppets, and words cannot express how happy that makes my inner first-grader.

And, in case anyone is curious, I donated blood in November. 

Call Courtney if you would like to schedule a puppet show for your classroom or group. 614.253.2740. Thanks to Courtney for this posting.

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